Esto no es Wordle

Esto no es Wordle

Inspired by the well-known Wordle framework and given a distinctive spin, Esto no es Wordle is a new and inventive game. The goal of this game is to locate a concealed Spanish word in a set number of tries. This game has become a favorite among Spanish lovers and learners due to its straightforward but entertaining gameplay.

Players can guess the selected word up to six times in this game, which makes it an interesting challenge. The game will reveal the letters that make up the solution after each guess, giving players insightful feedback to help them modify their strategy. The user-friendly and interactive gaming design keeps gamers interested and inspired to keep playing and expand their vocabulary in Spanish. Thus, don't pass up the opportunity to push yourself and take advantage of the special experience this game has to offer.

How to play

  • Use the virtual keyboard on the screen or the physical keyboard to type words.

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