Eldrow has a unique design that puts you in control of the experience. Eldrow wants you to create a five-letter word and challenge the Eldrow solver to guess it in as few turns as possible so that you can get the feel of it. Making sure there are more guesses is your responsibility. Find the lengthy line of guesses on the most difficult difficulty level. Your score improves as the solver makes more educated predictions.

How to play

Choose a five-letter term that is appropriate. In as few turns as possible, the machine will attempt to predict it. Your score increases as more rounds are played.

You must inform the computer which letters are accurate for each guess.

  • This letter is right; it is green (orange in colorblind mode).
  • This letter is in the word but not in this position, as shown by the color yellow (blue in colorblind mode).
  • This text is not in the word if in black mode
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