DOP 2 Delete One Part

DOP 2 Delete One Part

DOP 2 Delete One Part can help you improve your IQ! This unique game has so many challenges you will not be able to stop playing it! Follow the instructions and simply hold the eraser in both your hands. Are you able to complete all the tasks and view all levels?

This one-of-a kind game will require you to play with the images. In a series of stages, a succession of images will appear. Each image will have a job that you must complete. Most of these tasks are blurred. Sometimes they may require some wordplay. Once you have figured out your purpose, click on the image to start interfacing with it. Your cursor has an eraser, so anything you touch will be erased. This allows you get rid of the required items at each level. This fun game will challenge you to figure out the real purpose of the instructions. You can put your problem-solving skills to the test by attempting to complete as many levels possible.

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How To Play

How To Play DOP 2 Delete One Part

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