Dangle, which has a hockey theme, was inspired by the Wordle game. You will need to guess the identity of a different player every day in this game. It is your goal to identify the mysterious player after a total of eight tries. I find it pretty interesting. You won't miss any excellent opportunities if you join Dangle straight away.

How to play

Each player takes a turn moving the mouse and speculating on an NHL player's name. You win if all eight of your predictions are accurate. Following each estimate, the result will display a distinctive color to denote the level of accuracy of the term. An attribute is considered accurate if it has a green box next to it. You are within two years of the correct age if you see a yellow box in the age column. A yellow box in the number column means you are within five digits if you see it there. The mysterious player has already competed for that particular team if there is a yellow checkbox in the team column. Not a single shade even faintly resembles the traits of the mysterious player. I wish you luck!

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