Daily Squirdle

Daily Squirdle

Any fan of Pokemon should give the entertaining game Daily Squirdle a try. Why not test your knowledge of Pokemon with this entertaining game if you believe you know them well? The object of the game is to guess the name of the mystery Pokemon using five different attributes: gene, type 1, type 2, height, and weight. The game finishes if a player guesses the Pokemon's name incorrectly after eight attempts using hints.

The fact that it can be played with friends makes it an excellent method to compete and flaunt your knowledge of Pokemon. This is one of its best features. The size, form, and generation of the Pokemon are only a few of the hints the game offers to players to aid in their prediction. The game is entertaining and simple to play, but it still offers enough challenge to keep players interested thanks to the nicely written clues.

Squirdle Daily and Squirdle Free Play are two more possibilities in the game. While Squirdle Free Play permits endless play, Squirdle Daily is limited to one daily play session. For those looking to try something else, the game also includes a similar variant called Pokedle that provides a distinct gameplay experience.

For anyone searching for an enjoyable and demanding method to assess their level of Pokemon expertise, Daily Squirdle is a fantastic game. Why don't you act sooner? Play this game with your friends to see who can correctly guess the most Pokemon!

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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