The goal of the game D'accordle is to raise public awareness and encourage political engagement. Players can improve their analytical abilities, think critically about political topics, and learn about the stances that various politicians have taken on various propositions by playing the game. Players have four attempts to select the candidate who is in favor of the plan. This small amount of work highlights the necessity of making political decisions with little time and effort.

The color-coded feedback system in the game is a helpful tool for determining player predictions and mistakes. The color of each box that represents a candidate changes, giving players a quick and simple way to determine if they made the proper choice. The game also keeps players interested because there are two different Daccordles (proposal-candidate combinations) every day. Gamers are urged to check their understanding of the politicians' political stances and learn about current political concerns by playing the game. This everyday interaction turns keeping up with political problems into an enjoyable, gamified experience that helps users form a regular habit of doing so.

For those who want to learn more about political topics, the game is a helpful introductory instructional resource. The fact that it can be challenging for people without a political background to learn about and comprehend politics is one of its challenges. The game is a compelling introduction free from political coercion. Anyone can play the game and begin honing their analytical skills, even if they are young or have no experience with the political system.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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