Cross Wordle

Cross Wordle


Cross Wordle is a game inspired by the Wordle game. The most interesting aspect of this game is that you have to find two words that are of varying lengths in order to make a crossword puzzle out of them. You are welcome to make as many guesses as you like until you either figure out what the word is or give up. You are able to generate your very own unique crossword puzzles on Cross Wordle, which you can then send to your friends. In this game, you should encourage your brain to be creative.

How to play

  • Buildacrossword by connecting all the letters on the board.
  • Each word must be an English word. Words must be connected to each other.
  • When you have placed all the letters, hit enter to submit. You can only do this once per day.
  • You can place letters anywhere on the entire board by tapping a square.
  • You can change the direction your letters flow by tapping on the highlighted square.
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