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Crafty Miner

Crafty Miner

Crafty Miner

Crafty Miner
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Crafty Miner



One of the best new idle mining games to be added to our website is Crafty Miner. This format is always warmly welcomed because both children and adults enjoy testing their limits to discover how far they can go in the realm of mining.

How to play

Move your miner through the caves using the mouse, and then approach the rocks, stones, minerals, coal, and other resources to mine them by striking them with your pickaxe. When your bag is full, head to the store to sell what's inside to make money. With the cash you earn, you can increase the mining speed, moving speed, and bag capacity. Use your resources in the crafting menu to make better tools if you need them, and recruit new workers when you need more hands on deck.


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