Charm Farm

Charm Farm

The area where you are currently playing was once home to Charm Farm's largest and most well-known Magic Forest! The lovely little maids and the rest of the populace lived there for a very long time under Kaya's rule before one day the evil Garp showed up and destroyed everything. The upshot was that the old mystical woodland had become dusty and depressing. Help Kaya and her friends reclaim the forest's glory in the upcoming adventure and strategy game while she and the majority of its inhabitants are still alive. Make sure you don't forget or skip any steps as you grow various things to harvest resources from the fertile lands of this magical world. Before removing Garp from their land, decide what to do, gather as many plantable materials as you can from the store, and take any other necessary steps to help Kaya repair any damage. Because Kaya knew that you would do this and be the best helper for him, he turned to other magicians in those locations for assistance. Make every effort, and a magical empire will once again expand!

How to play

employ the mouse.

How To Play

How To Play Charm Farm

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