Centordle is an ultimate word puzzle game for enthusiasts seeking an extra challenge. This Wordle clone takes the excitement to a whole new level by allowing players to guess 100 words at once. If you can't get enough of the original Wordle and crave a greater test of your word-solving skills, Centordle is the perfect replica for you. With its increased difficulty level, Centordle presents a thrilling and brain-teasing experience that is 100 times harder than the original. Dive into Centordle and push your limits as you strive to decipher a hundred hidden words. Prepare to embark on an epic word-solving journey that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end. Are you up for the challenge? Try Centordle now and put your word puzzle prowess to the ultimate test!


How To Play

Players in this game move by using a combination of the keyboard and mouse to fulfill the objective. Only the mouse can be moved by players. When you've done the exercise, the color of the appropriate letter will show you whether or not your response was correct.

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