Bubble Letters

Bubble Letters

Bubble Letters is an innovative online game that tests players' intelligence and logical reasoning. This entertaining game features a unique combination of crossword puzzles and connecting letters, giving it a welcome departure from standard word games.

When the game begins, players will be presented with a screen separated into two sections. A crossword problem awaits on the left, while a circular board with the alphabet is displayed on the right. The goal is to use the mouse to construct lines linking the letters on the board, generating words that can be entered into the vacant cells of the crossword puzzle.

As players go through the game, they will eventually fill in the crossword with their own unique words, unlocking the next level. The complexity progressively increases, keeping players engaged and stimulated. This game not only tests one's vocabulary but also improves logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

How to play

  • Swipe or click to explore words, which are built from letter combinations.

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