Bubble Hit

Bubble Hit

Bubble Hit is a fun and original bubble-smashing game that provides you with unlimited mouse time to make sure you aim properly and shoot other bubbles in tactical places. a technique that not many people can use. Because you can't quit performing what you just began once a few bubbles have vanished, this objective is both difficult and addictive. Line up at least three shapes of the same type and color close to one another right away to make them vanish. I wish you luck and remind you to read the fine print. Points are earned when more than three bubbles of the same type and color are lined up side by side. Good luck, and pay close attention to the little things so you can pop every bubble and complete the game swiftly. Don't waste time and attempt to rack up as many points as you can because the bubble layers will get closer to the floor the longer you wait.

How to play

Use the mouse.

How To Play

How To Play Bubble Hit

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