Boardle is a visually appealing puzzle game that perfectly combines word guessing and chess. It tests players' ability to think strategically and apply their chess skills to solve a puzzle in a set number of attempts. The primary objective of the game is to predict the right move order that will get you to a particular spot on the board. A set number of tries—typically five—is granted to the player to determine the right order of moves, including the piece being moved and the square to which it is moved.

Chess notation is necessary for guessing, particularly conventional algebraic notation. In order to give you feedback on how correct your move was, the boxes beneath the board change color. A move that is not on the board is indicated by a gray box; yellow shows that the move is part of the solution but is not in the correct position, and green indicates that the move is correct. answer. In order to win the game, one must have a thorough understanding of chess strategy, be able to analyze a position's chess situation and determine the optimum move order.

The object of the game is to make the right moves in a set number of tries. You may improve your method and increase the accuracy of your forecasts by using the insightful feedback that each attempt offers. For chess lovers and gamers looking to hone their tactical abilities, Boardle is the ideal option. For players of all skill levels, it delivers a distinctive blend of chess strategy and puzzle solving, making for an enjoyable and captivating game. The game is the ideal illustration of how technology and conventional gaming may be combined to produce something more engaging and distinctive.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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