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Blocku Golf

Blocku Golf


A warm welcome from Blocku Golf. There are several difficult stages in this game that not everyone can get through. You'll be entertained for a long time by the straightforward but complex gameplay. Compete with your friends and challenge yourself. In Blocku Golf, each level is unique. All that is needed is for the ball to be knocked into the hole. However, you'll only have five chances total. Additionally, you are preparing for new difficulties on your road to success. These irritating obstructions, abysses, a sharp saw, and many more exciting dangers will stand in your way. Everything is like surviving in the real world. Blocku Golf is a very fun and interesting game because of how simple it looks and how it is played.

How to play

To operate the screen, click it with a mouse or your finger. To move the pointer away from the toss, let go of the mouse button or raise your finger off the screen. The force of the toss will depend on how long the cursor is. All that is needed is for the ball to be knocked into the hole.

How To Play

How To Play Blocku Golf

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