Check out Binerdle if you enjoy playing number games. Binerdle is a word game that takes inspiration from Wordle and challenges players to solve a predetermined mathematical equation. Binerdle is a Wordle-inspired game that uses the same Nerdle framework as Duotrigordle and Octordle. While Binerdle tests players' cognitive abilities by requiring them to solve two equations simultaneously, Nerdle challenges players to solve a math equation by making numerous guesses.

How to play

Each hunch is based on calculations.

Use = or 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 + - * /.

One "=" is required.

Only a number, not another computation, may appear to the right of the "=".

It is best to calculate * and/or before + and -, for example, 3+2*5=13 rather than 25!

If one of the solutions is 10+20=30, we will also take 20+10=30 (unless you disable "commutative replies" in options).

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