In order to advance and score points in the traditional basketball game Basketball IO, you must grasp its mechanics. You must be aware that the game is part of the really well-liked social program called IO GAMES in order to play with other players in the same game. 

Basketball rules can be learned here, despite the fact that games are often played on a concrete court in the schoolyard behind a large metal fence. Since the entire field's walls are graphite drawings, the game is played outside. You will need to go as far as you can on the opposing side of the court once you start the game in order to score a 2-or 3-point basket. 

You should be aware that despite the length of the matches—roughly one minute—each time a point is scored, the game ends and you must start over in the middle of the field.

How to play

Use the keyboard's WASD or arrow keys to move the mouse. Drag using the mouse.

How To Play

How To Play

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