The entertaining and distinctive game AusErdle breathes new life into the beloved word-guessing game Wordle. Your objective in this game is to guess "WORDLE" in a mere six attempts. The game gives feedback in the form of colored boxes after each guess, showing how close the guess was to the right word. Players can enter any term they choose into the game, which makes it a difficult puzzle requiring vocabulary, a process of elimination, and logical reasoning.

As players are introduced to terms and spellings unique to the Australian dialect, playing this game is a terrific method to broaden your grasp of Australian English. The game is an enjoyable method to test your word-guessing abilities while having fun because it presents a linguistic and educational challenge. This game is ideal for short gaming sessions or leisurely word challenges because of its straightforward yet captivating gameplay.

For fans of Australian English and wordplay, AusErdle is a fantastic game. This entertaining word-guessing game offers a distinctive and captivating linguistic challenge and is filled with cultural references. So accept the language challenge, put your word knowledge to the test, and start this exciting word-guessing game!

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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