Everyone may enjoy playing the free online game Antiwordle, which has a puzzle theme. Avoiding predicting the word of the day is a difficulty in this game. Finding the hidden word in today's crossword puzzle is extremely challenging because the application just intercepts your used letters and asks you to reassemble them in the proper order. It is a reverse word in which the word of the day is not predicted. If you succeed, the game will let you know how long it took you to figure it out and what you're trying right now. Next, you may post it to social media. It's amazing, isn't it? Sign up for Antiwordle right away to not miss out on fun challenges.

How to play

Antiwordle game requires players to move and fill in the blanks with the mouse until a red letter appears in the appropriate spot, at which time they must type the next word using that letter. Yellow letters indicate that you must use them again in the next word, but not in the same place as before. All the letters are gray, so you know they don't exist. Next term, you won't be allowed to use them.

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