Amazing Word Twist

Amazing Word Twist

Incredibly entertaining and a true test of your language abilities, Amazing Word Twist is the pinnacle of puzzle games. Picture a field that is split in half, with an alphabetic grid on one side and a blank board on the other. The objective is to create words using the letters you've collected by dragging them into empty boxes using the mouse. It may not seem complicated, but believe us, it is! Finding the right word requires smart and imaginative thinking as you twist and turn the letters. Prepare to release your inner sorcerer!

The riddles are more challenging and time-consuming to solve as you go through the game, testing your logic and quick thinking skills. Rest assured, you will receive praise and points for every accurate response. You may have fun and exercise your brain at the same time with this game. Give it a go and count the words you come up with!

How To Play

Place letters into blank spaces with the mouse.

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