The entertaining game Flickle is ideal for cinema buffs. This entertaining game challenges players to determine the title of each movie from a succession of brief snippets from various films, thus testing their movie knowledge. Players have a time limit on the game, and they can only take so many guesses before they lose.

The range of clips available is among the most noteworthy features. Gamers may anticipate seeing a range of scenarios, from well-known ones to obscure snippets. Moreover, the game lets users discover more about the film by including other segments that can be viewed in order to choose the right response.

Its ability to allow participants to participate in healthy competition with other moviegoers from across the globe is another fantastic feature. Because they may compare their accomplishments and scores, gamers are encouraged to compete amicably with one another.

For those who enjoy movies, it is a fun and instructive game that provides a special fusion of thrill, excitement, and instruction. This game will appeal to movie buffs of all ages with its straightforward gameplay, lovely graphics, and extensive movie library. Flickle is the ideal option if you're searching for a game that will put your knowledge of movies to the test and offer an enjoyable environment for learning and healthy competition.

How to play

  • Use the mouse

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